It's very simple.
Just have your idea of ??what your QSL should look like, what it should contain, whether you will print QSL manually or stick labels, or print directly from the ADIF file. You also need to decide whether if you wish one-sided or double-sided printing.
You can find inspiration in the gallery of already printed QSL cards.

Color of QSL cards
It can be from monochrome to full-color. We would like to point out that saving is possible only for single-color (two-color = same price as full-color)

Paper type
The basic offer is 250 g matt or silk coated paper, it is also easy to write on with an ordinary pen.

Photo as the base of the QSL card
You can send your digital photo. Please don't make any own adjustments.
It is also possible to send paper photo, our scanner is surely better than yours. Is it possible to leave the photo to us, we always find some way to better it.. Internet photos are mostly (in terms of resolution) poor quality. Professional photos from the Internet are almost more expensive than the entire QSL cards. However, a compromise can always be found.

Graphics from 1000 pcs are included in the price and play with it. Of course in the design are continuous corrections that are in PDF format.

These are just basic information.
How to order QSL cards?
Price list
How to do it?
Printing from ADIF
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