On these pages you will find information about the possibility of printing QSL cards.

    There are two print options:

    - offset printing
   - digital printing

    Offset printing is suitable for larger quantities of QSL, digital allows printing even a few pieces.
    Coloring is not limited, from monochrome to full-color, one-sided or double-sided.
    The paper type is entirely at your choice.
    Of course there is a graphic design which is free of charge for 1000 QSL.

    NEW: Print QSL cards directly from ADIF file. Just add the ADIF file from the log
    and print only the exact number of QSL from this file. No more QSL to print, stickers,
    will contain all the connection details. There may be more than one station connection per QSL.
    Our printing company has been engaged in printing production for over 25 years, top-class
 equipment guarantees high print quality. If you are interested in printing QSL cards (or printing
 anything), please contact us me in any way (contacts)